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CODES and STANDARDS (ASME-ASTM-API) Used in Piping Industry

CODES and STANDARDS (ASME-ASTM-API) Used in Piping Industry
This video explain regarding the what are the codes and Standards extensively used in Piping industry like ASME , ASTM and API Including the Piping Component Standards.
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This channel explain about welding in various process Piping , NDT and Painting related topic including defects analysis , acceptance criteria of defects , WPS , PQR , HOW to read WPS , filler rod , consumable , Electrode selection , Piping Isometric , Codes and Standards used in piping Industry etc , See the channel link below for details .
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What is the difference between Code, Standard & Specification?

Learn about what is Code, Standard \u0026 Specification for Oil \u0026 Gas Industries.
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This YouTube Channel is dedicated to all Engineers working in Oil \u0026 Gas and related Energy Business. In this channel You will learn about Piping, Piping Components such as pipe, fittings, flanges, Gaskets and many other topics.

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비파괴검사 관련 규격(KS, ASME code,미국기계학회,압력용기,원자력)

비파괴검사 자격시험에 자주 출제가 되는 규격 소개


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